Video animation:



Propaganda video to your website or your product or your facility to match this technique and quality with global fascinates that attracts viewer until the end of the video, so you can enhance the mental image for the client easily and strain.



E-marketing began takes a role as a mean of marketing, which is on the rise.

In turn we are using innovative methods to provide this service for the targeted group and design appropriate campaigns and put indicators so that he can hold his plan and results.



  1. Electronic Marketing by search engines (Search Engine Marketing)
  2. Marketing through advertising (Display Marketing)
  3. Marketing using electronic E-mail (Marketing Messages)
  4. Marketing using interactive advertising (Interactive Marketing)
  5. Using social networking sites (social media)


Web design:


We offer several options for the customer in the specifications of the site in line with the role of the site in the client’s business plans and marketing management, so we put in the hands of the customer the appropriate features and compatible with his plans and programs.


SMS messages:



SMS messages designed to get the product as soon as possible to the largest number of the target in the easiest way and we offer service at competitive prices to send SMS to the targeted slice dependent on accurate data and real numbers as well as our contribution to submit proposals in the formulation of the message content.


Mobile Applications:



We provide programming mobile applications service even easier for our customers to keep up with the latest means of communication and marketing for their service. We provide all programming languages for mobile phones: Android, iPhone IOs and Blackberry and Windows and Symbian. To stay in touch with your customers .. more than 1.08 billion user of smart mobiles around the world so that we care about this service and offer the best price and the highest technical.